Women's Day Event -"Trees of the Fields"

Apr 28, 2018 8:30AM

Come, Let’s Worship!

Philippians 3:3
In everything, give Him thanks!
In the good times, praise His Name.
In the Bad times, do the same.
In everything, give the King of Kings, all the praise!

Guest Speaker for Worship Service: Tami Milligan.

Tami Milligan has her Master’s Degree in Nursing Administration and Leadership.

She works for Munson Healthcare, Cadillac. She is in love with her Pastor husband, Patrick, and the proud mother of four adult children, Kristen Rene` and her sweetheart Troy, Patrick Joel and his wife Amanda!

If you ask Tami who she is, she will tell you she is a princess! Because her Father is the King of Kings!!! Tami’s daily prayer is “Please enlarge my capacity to receive and give love” because God is Love, and loving is so fulfilling and so much fun!

Tami has a passion for helping others enjoy perfect peace and rest in Jesus’ promise to chart their journey – every minute of each day – all the way to the Kingdom!


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