Sermon Podcast

Empty Core?

by Pastor Darryl Bentley | February 24, 2018

What are core values? What reveals what our core values actually are? It comes down to actions and behaviours. It doesn't matter what you profess with our lips it matters how you live your life. If I claim to love the Lord but I never pray or read my bible, is being a Christian one of my core values? Pastor Bentley shares from the Word of God why we need to be committed to our core values.

Key Scriptures: 2 Corinthians 5:17;


  • Pastor Darryl Bentley

    Pastor Darryl Bentley joined the Farmington Church September 23, 2017 after serving across the Michigan Conference since 2008.

    Pr. Bentley, along with his wife and ministry partner Ginger and their children, hails from North Carolina but he is delighted to be serving God's people in Michigan.

    With a passion for both winning souls to Christ and nurturing those who are already part of the family God, Pr. & Mrs. Bentley actively work to see the cause of Christ accomplished wherever He places them.

    Apart from serving the Lord in active, full-time ministry, the Bentleys love spending time as a family, traveling, playing music, and just hanging out with brothers and sisters in the Lord.

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