What is Youth Church???



Youth Church is a monthly gathering of youth ages 10-17 that encourages spiritual and relational growth in a less formal setting. The vision for youth church is "Following in Christ's Footsteps", with the mission to train our youth to grow, serve, and lead.  The theme for the rest of 2024 is "Godly and Great".

We meet on the third Sabbath (Saturday) of each month after the children's story time in our worship service (Typically around 11:45 am).

Youth are scheduled to lead the following segments each month:

Each week, an adult will be invited to lead the segment of sharing one key aspect of “Grow, Serve, Lead” (GSL).  This segment brings in practical real life examples of how our youth can apply what has been learned during the service.

GSL Schedule



The youth of our time may become as precious in the sight of God as was Samuel. By faithfully maintaining their Christian integrity, they may exert a strong influence in the work of reform. Such men are needed at this time. God has a work for every one of them. Never did men achieve greater results for God and humanity than may be achieved in this our day by those who will be faithful to their God-given trust. PP 574.3


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