What is youth CHURCH??

Youth Church is a weekly gathering of youth and young adults that encourages spiritual and relational growth in a less formal setting. 

Each month the lessons will be presented by members of the Farmington Youth group. The lessons in January will all be circulated around the broad theme of Biblical love and all of the forms that it takes. 

We have two groups that the content will be based on. Group one is targeted at ages 9-13 and Group 2 is targeted at ages 13-25. We have an in-person option as well a virtual option.

Each month we will be introducing a different service project, a recreational event as well as a ministry event.



“Youth that play together stay together”

We have scheduled game nights once per month that exist for the purpose of not only encouraging closer relationships between the youth but also for the purpose of creating relationships with those who are not currently apart of the youth group. Each game night will consist of varied board games and healthy but tasty snacks.



The youth of our time may become as precious in the sight of God as was Samuel. By faithfully maintaining their Christian integrity, they may exert a strong influence in the work of reform. Such men are needed at this time. God has a work for every one of them. Never did men achieve greater results for God and humanity than may be achieved in this our day by those who will be faithful to their God-given trust. PP 574.3


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