Ready to try to earn an honor on your own?

To begin an honor on your own, make you download the worksheet page first. These are honors that the Director choose for you to work on independently but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help if you need it.

Note: You will the name of the honor, it’s category, and skill level.
Please do not work on an honor to high in skill unless you ask the director for permission.


Christian Citizenship                                                         Flag                                                                                        Adventurer for Christ
Lesson-Download                                                                Lesson-Download                                                                   Jr Bible Reading Plan- Download
Worksheet-Download                                                           Worksheet-Download                                                             Worksheet-Download

Travel                                                                                   Pottery
Lesson- Download                                                               Lesson- Download
Worksheet- Download                                                          Worksheet- Download
Project Details- Download


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