On August 8 2020, we had our first pathfinder meeting for the new pathfinder year; we covered a small assortment of items to get the year, won’t post them all here. While we didn't the whole "welcome packet" like we usually do, we did cover some important items. One of the first thing we covered, was starting meetings in person and what time the meetings will be; cementing our meeting layout that I had planned.

Pathfinder Meeting Layout (starting at 3 if online)

2:00 pm-
Devotional and Prayer
Attendance (Workbook, prayer journal, Bible and writing utensil)

2:30 pm
Workbook progress; Q & A time
Homework due (if not already sent to email/text)

3:15 pm
Honor work
Outreach work
*Note- If we are working on an outreach project, you’ll be working on an honor at home or continuing one we are working on in class*

4:00 pm
Pledge and Law recite


We also discussed having a camp out on our church grounds instead on going to Camp Au Sable. Most of us seemed to support it as long as we followed healthy and moral procedures- understandably.
The board has approved us to use the church ground for the weekend of Oct 16-18, with that Sabbath also being our Induction service.

Next we covered media. Originally, I showed you a different website that we would use, but thanks to Lee for looking into it, we can just use the church’s website-much better cost. I’ll will post here as much as I can to keep us all up to date.
Also we have an Instagram account now, Parents and Pathfinders if you have an account, please find us at HERE. I will only be adding Pathfinders, Parents, and staff members, the account is set to private. Soon to come we will have a Youtube account, more will be talked about this later, I hope to use it for ministry, field trips and special events(link will be given when plan in laid out).