Our meeting was suppose to be in person, I apologize for the sudden change in plans. My mom had been sent to the hospital due to a medication reaction, she had been there most of the night, so I stayed home to help her. I originally cancelled the meeting but was asked if we could hold an online one still ( I had been thinking about too).
So we had out meeting online again, so what did we cover?

We first covered the homework the was, which was just showing me how the journal keeping and devotionals are going. I answered questions and concerns as they were presented.
One concern that was brought up that I would like to cover here, if the material seems a bit too deep, especially for our friend class, all I am asking you to do is your best. If it's something you don't understand, there is nothing wrong with that, that is why at the being of our meeting, we have a chance for you to ask questions or to being up concerns. The workbooks are to help challenge you but not to stress you out. You can always contact me, if you need help. 

After our workbook we covered the flag honor, which is available now on our honor page. You are to begin your video/photo project. We will cover how to march/stand/hold a flag at a later date. 
We had a rather short meeting, since I had more things planned for us but to be in person and couldn't do it online.

So for our next meeting you should work on
Your journals and devotions
Video projects for Flag honor, also your worksheets if you didn't finish them.
Continue working on Adventure for Christ honor.