Jesus on Religious Tradition

by Pastor Luke Penrod | October 2, 2019

When it comes to the question of the origin of life, you have only two basic positions: There is a God, or there isn’t. Either God has always existed and brought about the creation of the cosmos.

How do we worship the Creator of heaven and earth? How does He remind us of His creative power? At creation did He leave us a symbol of His creative authority?

Revelation is the book of endings. We can only understand the book of endings if we understand the book of beginnings. We will only understand the significance of the monumental issues in today’s world if we understand the events at creation.

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  • Pastor Luke Penrod

    Luke Penrod, a Michigan native, worked for almost a year as an evangelist and Bible worker in TN and GA, before moving north in 2018 to serve as a pastor in Michigan. In his free time, you might find Luke playing guitar or rock climbing. He is overjoyed to be married to his best friend, Esther. Grateful for the love God has given them, Luke and Esther live to proclaim the beautiful message of salvation by faith in Jesus.