Aug 22 Meeting Outline

  1. Devotion from One-Minute Witness; Prayer
  2. Attendance
    1. covered the Point system handout
      can be found on website on the right side
    2. Download workbook
      from website
    3. Invest in Prayer Journal (a physical book or digital is fine)
    4. Bring bible and something to write with.
  3. Navigate Website- Taking a closer look at new site
    2. Look through webpages and get to know where everything is located
    3. Suggestion to put an icon on your phone you can you stay up to date with the schedule or honors that you will be working on.
    4. Schedule is located on site, and will remain up to date
  4. Workbook
    1. Took a closer look at the workbooks, and discussed how they work and their layout.
    2. After downloading the work book, it’ll be up to you if you want to work  on it digitally or printing it off to work on it.
    3. Homework- you will have to show me your progress, if you are working digitally make sure you bring the device you are accessing it. If there is something you don’t understand, there is a time for us to work on it as a group during our meetings.
  5. Honor time
    1. There is an honor link in our website that you can use to find honors to work on your own. More will be posted as time goes on.
    2. Download the Adventurer For Christ honor work sheet… this will be an honor you will be working on for 6 months
  6. Media  
    1. Instagram- It’s a private account, so only members, staff and parents will be able to see photos. If you have photos/videos, send them, I’ll add them (edit them how you like, I will only add them how I get them).
    2. Youtube- This account will be up soon, and will be used for not only honors but hopefully ministry and events.